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Thank you for your participation. The study is now closed.

About the Study

COVIDsmart is a Virginia statewide research effort to learn more about the impacts of COVID-19 on communities and people of all walks of life. The data will be used to help local, state, and national public health officials formulate effective responses to future health crises and address health disparities among medically underserved populations. COVIDsmart uses a privacy-protected, secure platform, and participants will be able to access information to learn more about how COVID-19 has affected them and their community. This study is currently open to residents of Virginia‚ÄĒresidents of other states please check back soon for further updates as we expand.

Who is Eligible to Join COVIDsmart? 


Aged 18 and over


Willing to sign informed consent


Resident of Virginia

Why Should I Join?


Help shape public health policy by sharing experiences about how COVID-19 has impacted you.


Take surveys on a web browser or a mobile device from the convenience of wherever you are.


Learn about your health, see common concerns in your community, and view resources about how to stay safe. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals, communities and researchers better understand the impacts of COVID-19. Through a research hub that empowers people from all walks of life across the U.S. to share information about the effects of the pandemic on their health, lifestyle, and experiences, and addresses public health crises, now and in the future.

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