How to Get Involved in COVIDsmart

COVIDsmart is inviting people from all walks of life to advance healthcare. Here are some of the ways that you can help now. 

Thank you for your participation. The study is now closed.

Contribute to our Research Studies


Our COVID-19 Research Study will regularly ask questions related to any signs and symptoms you experience to help our scientists learn more about the virus.


Our Mood Research Study will ask questions related to your mood, whether you are isolating or quarantining, and the emotional effects of the pandemic.


Our Occupational Exposure Research Study will ask you questions related to your occupation, and your ongoing safety and wellbeing. 


  • Directly benefit humanity by advancing critical COVID-19 research

  • You may receive compensation for participating in research activities

  • Get exclusive access to the COVIDsmart community, resources, and study opportunities

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Who is Eligible to Join COVIDsmart? 


Aged 18 and over


Willing to sign informed consent


Resident of Virginia